Swimming Pool

Pool Hours: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday – Wednesday
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Thursday – Saturday
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Sunday


1. The lifeguard is in charge of the pool and will have full authority to enforce regulations with regard to the conduct of members and guests. The lifeguard has full authority to suspend any person from use of the pool.

2. Children under age 13  must pass a test (including swimming and drown proofing) to be allowed in the pool without adults. Children under age 13 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible for your child.

3. A responsible person may not be responsible for more than five children. A minor under thirteen may not be responsible for a younger child. Do not ask the lifeguard to be responsible for your child.

4. Guests and babysitters must be registered with the lifeguard. A member using a non-member as a babysitter must pay the guest fee for the sitter.

5. It is recommended that all swimmers take a shower before entering the pool. Children in diapers are required to wear rubber pants with elastic legs or a swim diaper. Disposable diapers are prohibited.

6. Only one person will be allowed on the diving board at a time. Divers must enter the water from the end of the board. Entering from the side of the board is not permitted.

7. Boisterous conduct, rough tactics, running, and shoving are not allowed.

8. No glass containers of any kind may be taken inside the fenced pool area.

9. Smokers must use ash trays. Chewing tobacco is prohibited.

10. Bathing suits must be worn in the pool. Cut-off shorts are not permitted. Wet bathing suits and towels may not be left in the locker room.

11. Swimmers must wear shoes and a cover-up T-shirt while in the clubhouse.

12. All activities concerning the pool must be approved by the Pool Committee.

13. Inner tubes, inflated animals, mattresses, toy boats, etc., will not be permitted in the main swimming pool. Coast Guard approved life preservers may be used with parental or adult supervision.

14. All members are urged to keep the pool and deck areas clean.

15. Lost and found articles will be stores in the pump house. The lifeguard will assist you in regard to retrieving these items.

16. Members may have guests at the pool at the following rates:
a. $5.00 per day
b. Children under age six may use the pool free.
c. Grandchildren may swim free.

17. Children over age six are not allowed in the baby pool.

18. No grandchildren will be allowed to use the pool unless accompanied by a grandparent.

19. Any non-member friend of the grandchildren using the pool must pay the guest fee.

Rates are in Membership Information for Membership