Banquet Rental

Members of the Club, in good standing only, may rent the house facility.

As of January 1, 2015, the following rates are as follows:

  • Large Group Rate: $500.00. 75 persons or more, class reunions and wedding receptions regardless of size. Maximum of 8 hours including a 2 hour decoration/band set-up period prior to event. This fee includes the use of the kitchen by the caterer. A charge of $50.00 will apply for each additional hour beyond the set 8-hour rental period.

Rules and Regulations

1. Deposit: Fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee will be billed to the club member’s account upon reserving the facility. The balance will be billed to the club member’s account following the Function.  For non-members this should be paid upfront

2. Cancellation Policy: All of the deposit will be credited if the Club Manager is notified in writing within sixty (60) days of the rental date. Fifty percent (50%) of the deposit will be credited if notified within thirty (30) days of the rental date. No refund will be given if notified less than thirty (30) days of the rental date.

3. Lights out by 12 am.

4. Catering Policy: The Board of Directors must approve all caterers. The Renter must contact the Club Manager within thirty (30) days of the rental date with caterer’s name. Caterers will have access to facilities as follows: dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. The caterer will give prior notice to the Club Manager for use of kitchen 2 weeks prior to the event. The caterer must present Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Club Manager thirty (30) days before the rental date of the Club.

5. Decorating/Band Set-up Policy: Time needed for decorating and band set-up is subject to availability, seasonal Club hours, and current Club rentals. Appointments for such activities will be made with the Club Manager. The club will be available two hours before set rental period as a convenience to caterers and bands. Any further decorating and/or band set-up time needed will be charged to the renter at the rate of $25.00 per hour.

6. The caterer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and garbage removal to the Bedford Country Club dumpster.

7. Loss Policy: The Bedford Country Club will not assume any responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left at Bedford Country Club prior to, during or following the Function.

8. The Club shall provide, as a courtesy to the member, ice, heat, A/C, hot water, etc. However, the Club will not guarantee that these items will be available in sufficient quantities at the time of the event or that they will not be available in sufficient quantities due to mechanical failure, acts of God, etc.

9. The Club shall provide the use of tables and foldout chairs as a courtesy. No furniture downstairs may be moved upstairs. The Club does not provide the use of tablecloths, china, or flatware. However, tablecloths are available for rent at $5.00 a piece.

10. The Club Manager, prior to installation, will approve placement of any tents.

11. Virginia ABC law requires that all beer be purchased from Bedford Country club; no outside beer can be brought on the Club’s premises to use for the Function. No kegs will be allowed inside the Club. No rice, confetti, or birdseed shall be thrown or scattered inside the Club.

12. Smoking is not permitted inside the building.

13. The maximum allowable occupancy for the Club is 200 people at a given time. There will be no exceptions.

14. Band cut off is 11:15 if set up outside and 11:30 inside in order to allow for closing by midnight.

15. The Renter undertakes to conduct the Function in an orderly manner, in full compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Bedford Country Club. Renter assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance and for any damage done to any part of Bedford Country Club’s premises during any time such premises are under the control of Renter, or Renter’s agents, guests, employees or independent contractors employed by Renter. Renter hereby indemnifies and holds harmless The Bedford Country Club against any and all claims, liabilities, or costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees and whether by reason of personal injury or death or property damage or otherwise) arising out of or connected with the Function or this agreement, caused or contributed to by the negligence of Renter, or any guest or agent of Renter, or any independent contractor hired by Renter.